Polarex 5" Photo Equatorial telescope


End of 2019 a unique historical 5" Polarex Photo Equatorial Telescope was found near Gent, in Belgium. 

This Polarex Model 136-E  (D=127mm, Fl-2000mm) refractor telescope on Field Tripod, includes a D=75mm Fl=1200mm guide scope, 10x40mm viewfinder, and accessories as Motor Drive, Super Unihex rotary eyepiece holder, model 220 glass-plate astro camera, etc. 

After restoration this ultra rare  Polarex 136-E  telescope  is functional at Observatory Maasduinen
(in dutch Sterrenwacht Maasduinen), in Afferden (Lb), The Netherlands. 

You can find more information about this 5" Polarex Photo Equatorial Telescope set using the website menu,
Enjoy this historical refractor telescope !